Resident visa but no ARC?

I have my resident visa but my passport is now full and they said I can’t get my ARC 'till I get a new passport.

The problem is that I won’t have time to get my new passport before I go on holiday next week. Will I be allowed back into the country?

I don’t get it. Your passport wasn’t too full for them to put a resident visa in it. But it’s too full to give you a card ? :loco:

Maybe you can get some more pages put in your passport, but you’ve left it too late for that too.

(If your passport is almost full, get a new one before you go on holiday. And don’t wear your coat inside, or you won’t feel the benefit when you go back out)

And you have to get your ARC within 15 days of getting your resident visa, I think you’re up an alley without a canoe.

Canadians can’t add pages to their passports anymore.

I heard that if I don’t apply for my ARC within the 15 days that I just have to pay a fine.

It does seem strange that they could give me the resident visa but not the ARC. But that’s what they said. Maybe the guy/gal was having a bad day.

Is your passport so full that you can’t go on holiday ? If they have to wait for a new passport anyway, you can do it when you come back.

I’m guessing what they mean is there isn’t an empty page in your passport to put your re-entry sticker in, so if you DO leave, you won’t get back into the country.

Pisses me off no end the way all countries have to use up an entire page for a visa.