Resident visa, health check abroad or in taiwan?

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Im looking for the information about :

Does a foreigner first need to get the health check at a local hospital before he/she can apply a resident visa at the ROC embassay or can he/she wait to get the health check in taiwan before he/she go to BOCA and apply for the ARC ?, where to find this legal information?

Is is possible to change a visitor visa into a resident visa in Taiwan and then go get a health check before going to BOCA to apply for an ARC ?

I got the marriage certificate from taiwan + the criminal record status, but my problem is the time it takes in my country to get thro that health check, and I would like to do it in taiwan if possible.


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This is your easiest option. No health check needed for visitor visa, then get your health check, resident visa if needed, and ARC here. Just to clarify though, you will go to NIA (Immigration) for the ARC, not BOCA.

Looks like it was fast and easy to get the complete health check thro my personal doctor in my home country after explaining the reason for it, just got my ARC at the HQ of MOFA/BOCA in KS who of course issued thro they local NIA office

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