Resident Visas for Foreign Spouses of R.O.C.(Taiwan) Citizens Having Household Registration - Criminal Record

I am wondering if RCMP Canada Criminal Record needs to be translated in Chinese in order to apply for residency visa. If anyone has the experience lately, the recommendation is appreciated!

There are two sources and the answers is kindly of vague.

This is updated on 2019-02-26, this article indicates Chinese translation is required
Instructions for Foreigners to Apply for Permanent Residency

This is updated on 2017-08-01, this article indicates if documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by a Chinese- or English- translation.
Resident Visas for Foreign Spouses of R.O.C.(Taiwan) Citizens Having Household Registration

If anyone still has Canadian RCMP police check translation template, welcome to let me know! As the template mentioned in this thread (a-way-to-get-a-canadian-rcmp-police-check-without-going-back-to-canada) , the template is removed from the website.

The first link is an instruction to get your permanent residency (APRC) after you being on an ARC for 5 years, so you follow the second instruction to get your resident visa and ARC.

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For a second there, it read like “Foreign Spouses… Having… Criminal Record”.
No worries, being from Canada does not make you a criminal.

While applying for a JFRV visa abroad (such as in Canada, HK, or Macau) I believe that you do not need to get it translated if it’s already in English.

When I tried to obtain it in Taiwan by switching my Tourist Visa (entering the country explicitly on a Tourist Visa that I obtained in Macau, not on visa exempt status) at the Kaohsiung MOFA / NIA it needed to be translated.

  • My wife ended up translating it quick (there are instructions online from various blogs – make sure the number of sentences line up exactly) and then we ran down to a local Notary Office and paid ~$800NTD to get it stamped.

Criminal Record Check is authenticated by TECO overseas, is this the order you are are notarized before taking it to NIA?

it is for translation.

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