Interesting radio interview:

I’m not gonna play it until you tell me what’s so interesting, because the blurb is very unpromising,

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Tell us, @yyy!
Tell us!

This time I have to agree with @rowland

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The teaser is something like what if everything you’ve heard about resilience is wrong?

Tl/dl: groups can and do accomplish more than individuals, which is often ignored in self-help advice.

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Can you like act it out in mime and post the video?


@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Very doubtful

Sorry, TB. :cactus:

Broadway musical?

Sheesh, some people just don’t appreciate radio, even when there’s a full transcript. :roll:

Done my daily part for Earth civilization, outta here now. :flying_saucer:

Fuck them, Space Boy, you rocked it. :clap:
Radio is TV for people who breathe through their nose.

PLUS, it’s the venerable Ceeb, for an added 50 Bonus Points.

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Depends what sort of group you’re comparing to what sort of individual. The more links in a chain, the greater the risk of a weak link.

We are all in this separately. If the stupid asshole holding onto my foot is going to plummet to his death, he can damn well plummet without me. Kick him goodbye.

As you wish.

Goodbye, Rowland! :leg: :slight_smile: