Resize an image without a blur

I want to resize this image…

But, when I use Word or Infranview it blurs. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Irfanview should be as good as anything I think. You go to the ‘resize/resample’ option and make sure that resample, rather than resize, is selected. I always use the ‘Lanczos filter’.

Of course you will have some loss in quality. But the image shouldn’t blur. In the view menu, select ‘do not fit anything’. That will tell you whether your image is really blurring or not. (If you have it on ‘fit to page’ or something, then when you resample, the pixels will get bigger, possibly making it look blurry. With ‘do not fit anything’, you will see the image actual size.)

Tried what you said and the results are the same. Still a blur (or maybe just a loss in quality!)

I just thought - are you making it bigger or smaller? I assumed you were reducing it in size.

I just tried your image out in Irfanview.

Doubling the size, using resampling, resulted in a little blurring of hard edges. Using resize, not resample, meant that the pixels could be clearly seen and the image was blocky.

Reducing the size looked OK to me.

I don’t think you can escape these effects, especially as the original image is of such a small file size and has so little information.

Perhaps a program such as Photoshop could do something more sophisticated with interpolation- ‘guessing’ at missing information.


If you have Photoshop:

  1. Open the image (in RGB mode);
  2. Select “Image” >> “Image size”;
  3. Estimate pixel dimensions, then type them into the appropriate fields; (make sure “Resample Image” is set to “bicubic”)
  4. Select “Filter” >> “Sharpen” >> “Sharpen”.


If you don’t have Photoshop, PM me and I’ll do it for you. (No charge, of course.)

What size are you trying to make it? The actual numbers are important. Please be specific, as in “I want to take the 102x116 GIF and make it a 378x722 JPG”.

I want to make that picture 500%…so 5 times
jwar I’ll try your tip now!

I have Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition, I guess its the wrong one!
I don’t see “bicubic” or “rgb” mode!

I have Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition, I guess its the wrong one!
I don’t see “bicubic” or “rgb” mode![/quote]
doing it the way suggested will still end up with a semi blury picture

resizing anything to a larger size = blury

there’s no easy fix
you could always try opening it in MS paint, after you’ve resized it, and draw around the edges to give it a sharper appearance

Thanks all for advice.