[Resolved] Complaints

There are few things I’d like to report:

  1. The “Edit Your Profile” function has vanished.
  2. When you log in, you always have to try again after the first try.
  3. My pms don’t always get sent. I checked my sent box.
  4. My profile message funtion doesn’t work.

Thanks for the notice, Aubrey. You might find answers to your problems by searching/browsing this (feedback) forum :slight_smile:

It’s down in the sitemap - click YOUR ACCOUNT or Forumosans.com Profile

This isn’t necessarily a problem with the website. Check your cookie settings, and also tell us more about how you connect to Forumosa – software, operating system, type of connection - just the basics. It helps

Actually, they are probably in your outbox. It is more accurate to say that your PMs are not always read by the person you are PMing

What do you mean? Tell us more. Others have managed to get it working.

[quote=“aubrey”]2. When you log in, you always have to try again after the first try.[/quote]That’s almost certainly a problem at your end. I don’t have any problems logging in, which would indicate that I’m either exceptionally lucky or it’s not a problem with Forumosa itself.

[quote]3. My pms don’t always get sent. I checked my sent box.[/quote]After you click the send button, PMs get sent to the Outbox, where they sit until the person you’re sending them to reads them. Only then are they actually moved to the Sent box.

Can you move the “profile” button back to the top? I wanted to update yeterday and had to re-log in, after doing a search for it…



This is the function that doesn’t seem to be working:

This is a block of text that can be added to posts you make. There is a 1100 character limit

I have just entered this message but it doesn’t appear at the bottom of my posts:

[quote]Acknowledgement is half of correction.
Russian Proverb [/quote]

Thanks for explaing #1, 2 and three guys.

Have you checked the box that says “Always attach signature” or something like that?

I have just changed clicked “yes” to the “always attach signiture” and it still has’t emerged. I’ts been a few minutes. The strange thing is that it used to on. it must have been chenged with the latest renovations.

OK, I see it has returned. All my troubles are resolved except for the cookies thing. What kind of cookies should I buy and should I place it on or inside the computer? :slight_smile:

Maybe these cookies? :slight_smile: click here

Since when do we have a “squeal” function?