Resources for teaching English drama

I’m excited about teaching an English drama course at my uni next semester, and I’m looking for helpful resources. I’m looking to try a variety of smaller things with different genres-romantic, action, drama, musical? (it’s worth a try!), etc. I want to stick to plays, movie scenes, TV show episodes, etc. that use modern English, so Shakespearesque and the like is out. (The emphasis is going to be on practicing modern English as it is used today.)

I’m looking for any good books, Websites, etc. that offer free or at cost resources. Most of the books with plays and such I have seen at the book fairs or stores here all seem to stick with old English. I’m also taking a trip back to the U.S. for about a month in between (Cleveland/Pittsburgh and Tamp, FL areas) so I can try to find something additional there.

I’m also interested in resources that will assist me in helping to teach drama. I have limited experience from doing it myself in high school, college, and community drama, but have never attempted to teach it.

One more question-if you have taught it, how have you graded students in the class? Based on their dramatic expression? English usage-pronunciation, intonation, etc.? Any quizzes or tests? I’m brainstorming what would be appropriate. I want them to really enjoy the class and increase their English fluency, but I do not want them to consider it a completely slack off class.

I’m extremely grateful for your input. :smiley:

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Also, I’m pretty sure another poster on this board, Toe Save, has experience in drama.

You might consider contacting either or both of these two.