Respected SF Univ guilty of gross animal abuse … 065881.php

I cant believe this shit is allowed to fly here in the bay area. This is a well known and respected university.

We should stop animal testing. And if we are to do it, let them not suffer unnecessarily.


Those responsible should be subject to the same abuse the animals were. :fume: :fume:

The worst part is that the Uni is full of excuses.

Tip of the iceberg.
How about custodial sentences to all involved? Lots of money in grants knocking around, so fuck the animals.

I always wonder what it takes to be someone who experiments on animals. Have they no empathy for suffering? I can not get my head around it.
I guess anyone who inflicts pain on other sentient beings has some excuse to justify what they do.

God only knows what goes on in Taiwan labs.

Whenever I see these cases or any other abuse etc, it always reminds me that most of humanity can not exist without animals.
From circuses, using their fur, eating them, experimenting with them, using their bodily fluids etc.

Animals, however can exist without humans.

Word. It’s something like 200 years after the last human has died that pretty much everything we have made will be gone. I saw this thing where they reckon The Christ of the Andes would break apart and collapse within 20 years if no human was around to upkeep it. And there would be tons and tons of snakes.

Isn’t Mark Hauser of Harvard (and Chomsky fame) accused of lying about his data? He also introduced some predator (eagle?) to some howler monkeys and the eagles basically decimated an entire population. Uni professors are assholes, just like most people.

I’ve been reading up on vivisection in some animal rights books recently, and you may be surprised to learn that the United States has by far the worst record of animal-experimentation atrocities.

Well it’s not a complete surprise as most vaccines and medical research comes from the US. I’m not excusing the pain that animals feel, or the fact that there has been abuses and the standards need to be kept extremely high but if anybody has taken a vaccine or drugs developed on animals and complains they are a hypocrite. It was simply not possible to develop them without experimentation. Even now it is impossible without using animal models. How do HIV drugs get tested?
For me I would propose that primates start to be taken out of the chain of research, but I’m not an expert on this area. Mice are extremely important in medical and fundamental biological research, if you blocked researchers from using them it’s going to have real consequences.
I also have to say that animals are destined for our dinner plates often receive much worse treatment but it doesn’t get the same attention. You need to look at the numbers of animals involved, how many incidents occurred and in how many labs. I don’t see any clear data to that effect.

If we never allowed animals to be abused in such horrendous ways, we would have found other ways to develop such medical breakthroughs, and likely more effective, as vivisection has provided a very poor return for a very dear expense.

There has been no easy around using them, you need to test them somehow otherwise they will be tested on humans, that’s a fact.

Animal testing is only a model, and it failed to pick up thalidomide for instance but it’s better than just testing directly on humans. If you just tested thalidomide in animal cell culture it also may not have predicted the interference with fetal development. With something like a vaccine, it seems impossible still not to use a live animal intact immune system for testing, otherwise you have to test on live humans. Mammals immune systems are the sum of their whole, and they are not fully understood and reactions cannot be predicted properly in advance.

But the day is coming that animals will not be used and lots of researchers are working towards that too. It’s not that researchers want to use animals in this way or enjoy using them.


you’d even have to kill animals to find alternatives to killing animals.

How does one know if they are being given medication tested on animals? How does a child know this?