Restaurant at the top of Taipei 101?

Heard some mumble about that the top floor restaurants have opened at 101. Spend some time on the net but could not find anything on the subject. R there some here that can confirm and if so advice about the topic?

Ya i saw that also its on the 85th floor i think its about $1700 something per person i mean its pricey but “supposibly” very well worth it, I dunno if I would fork out that much at the moment but if I keep hearing good things about it I might go check it out

1700 is not expensive for good food… and if the view is good too, that’d be even better. it might turn out that you sit and watch the elevator foyer. that would be worth it… NOT.

I’m still waiting for the food court on the observation deck.

Local TV had a whole do yesterday about the security measures. You’re not allowed to go up to the restaurant - on the 85th floor - and line up without a reservation. You’ve got to have booked in advance, and have the xiaojies on the groundfloor phone up to let them know you’re coming.
After all that stuff, I still didn’t know what the name of the restaurant was, and what kind of food they’re serving.

I’ve only heard about “The best 85” but apparently there is also “Shinyeh” on the same 85th floor.

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