Restaurant discriminates against Taiwanese???


its too much of a coincidence. nobody should believe it.


Not enough information to judge with certainty, but I’m betting on “coincidence”


I suppose it’s possible. But I was just perusing the comments under a local newspaper article about the demolition, and nobody was buying the coincidence theory. I think they have a pretty good understanding of how guanxi and the government work here.


The comments, eh. Good luck with that :blush:


Sometimes informative, always entertaining.


It’s no coincidence, 18 years and then to execute the order in June.

Nah, it’s definitely related in some form.


Coincidence or not. I feel really sorry for the owner. It’s really sad.


Yeah the 18 years to take any action is very very fishy. Fish the size of a whale (i know i know whales aint fish ) .

If it was a year ago , ok, but 1999?

Someone should look into THAT.


The restaurant biz no doubt is one of the hardest, possibly only topped by the airline biz.

And yet many have stood the test of time. They have sorted out how to make things work and how to handle disruptions.


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whats the lesson learned here? better get some guangxi[/quote]

I love how beautiful landscapes make for smooth relationships. :slight_smile:


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Yep. But China has all the guangxi…Taiwan just has a few streets named after it.


This is a pretty detailed article on the incident

The woman in question may have been the real estate agent who rented the place to him, which is interesting

As for the other angle, the city has been working to gradually remove illegal structures:


The city has also been working on stopping ghost money burining on pavements probably back to the Japanese era. :joy:


gradually is the key word here. they are everywhere and doesn’t look like shit all is being done. i’ve seen new ones pop up too so that probably cancels out whatever has been removed. but hey less boring than singapore or hong kong right mayor ko??


Being high class Guizhou beats Guangxi everytime. :


Ah, yes…idyllic Guizhou, dog meat capital of China.


Not just interesting, but highly illegal. You can’t sell or rent a property here without full disclosure, the Restaurant owner needs a lawyer to trace back all and every court document related to this property. There is no way it was listed as x 18 years ago and listed for demolishment in one months time without a trail of court documents, a lawyer can dig every one of them up and I hope the restaurant owners have a good lawyer, I could recommend one if they dont have one of their own.


18 years to demolish an illegal structure? That makes zero sense.

Feud between the real estate agent and the restaurant? The plot thickens like the chicken soup left over night


If that turns out to be so, then that really will be interesting, provided the media keep us updated.


wowww this is so entertaining -
in the same time, pretty sad for the owner, workers etc… all may loose their jobs