Restaurant discriminates against Taiwanese???


Maybe they will postpone the demo another few years


i think they are just using the usual trick again. (my personal point of view) :bowing:

A= You have a business doing good then you need to pay more rent- ( dont know how it work but these guys may be involved with landlord a way or another)

B= .NO , we already signed contract!!!

can you smell it??? someone may loose face —

A= F…k it — screw them — (let use some kindergarten trick ----)
will shame them in public so they apologise to me and we can process with a higher rent

B = F…k you, will not play your game
( we all can see how the restaurant is trying to deal with all this messed up situation in a cool manner)

A = dont want to apologise to me — F…K uuu — did you knew that the building you are in should have been demolished ???

B = Holly Molly — what to do now???

i think they tried to push them for a higher rent, then the face issue ( taiwan national sport) was triggered — things escalated pretty quick and now they are at a point of no return —


The level of gunaxi is fascinating since this broke in a FB group known for breaking news. It was no Amateur Chefs Society FB Group, but one where reporters preview stories to see how they may or may not interest the public. This one appealled to the right audience, ie. pushed the right buttons: nationalism, face, overall pride in ignorance.

If the woman in question was the real estate agent the restauranteur might stand a chance, if she skipped the important demolition part in the paperwork. May…if he has enough money for lawyers.

Funny how the story has shifted. Here I was thinking it was a bad case of a crusader trying to teach locals not to do gan bei shots with valuable wine, and a server with a beef against his boss.


The face aspect of the situation is revolting. And it should be a strong caution to any foreigner who thinks about doing business here. You cannot win, and even if you win, you will lose. And it’s pretty clear the woman in question was the real estate agent. It’s disgusting, but par for the course in this joint.


Yeah, despite the eagerness on the part of the usual Torch & Pitchfork™ element to get all riled up about some bastard of a cheese licking surrender monkey looking down his (suitably tall) nose at the poor hardworking locals, who have, darn it, just as much right to spend way too much money on mediocre fare as any Europino, this time it looks like that dog don’t hunt.

Rumour (from more than one source) seems to be that the “victim” was, as mentioned, the agent who got the location for the owners, and who was well aware of the illegal part of the structure, although that knowledge appears to have just plain slipped her mind when the deal was closed. The owners are, it’s being said, in the process of taking action against her, and the whole (bizarre) “discrimination” story is some kind of dunderheaded diversion on her part.

The discrimination appears to be real, except this time it took the form of a shifty local taking ruthless advantage of a poor hardworking (well, for a Frenchie, anyways) immigrant trying to make an honest living in a strange new land.

Yeah, that old chestnut.


I do not quite udnerstand what is she getting out of this. If she was the real estate agent, did he not pay enough? Or was she angling to get him out and get another tenant in? Or is it really that the Governmet was going to demolish the place, the restauranteur complained, and she did this counterscandal for… distraction? I don’t get it.

I’d understand more if it was the usual trope that she had a crush on him and he did not reciprocate. That happens a lot, maybe even more than whitie uses Taiwanese girl and drops her, at least in latter years, me thinks.

And for the record, I do not think 930 ntd for a bottle of wine is expensive, nor the fare for top of the shelf wine. Help me out conoisseurs. And I know it is old school, but wasn’t it white wine = fish, red wine = red meat. Woman was having lobster.

Maybe she expected to have meals there for free?


We prefer “whitey” or “cracker”, thank you very much.

What she’s getting out of this, as implied by @Rocket, is confusion and diversion. How many locals are now on her side, regardless of her “minor oversight” - which was the phrase used by a local friend when giving her two cents on the issue. Not only that, but my friend says the foreigner should have done due diligence on the property and not trusted a real estate agent, who are all “born to lie” (her words, not mine), even though he was ostensibly paying her to not lie to him. Something like that. So in this one, isolated local opinion, it’s still the fuckin’ foreigners fault because he trusted a local real estate agent.

The general rule in wine is “drink what you like.” While Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio may have been the advised pairing for lobster, you could have no trouble washing it down with a Pinot Noir or any number of Italian red table wines. Despite having sommelier certification, I pay zero attention to wine-pairing unless dining with friends and they ask: “What should we drink?” At that point, you may have fish, chicken, pork and beef entrees coming to the table. What do you order? More importantly, what’s on the wine list? Apply the general rule.

You are correct: 930NT is not a lot of money for a bottle of wine in a Taipei restaurant, and I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the affordability of certain wines. For instance, I’d pay about the same in Taipei for a bottle of Ridge Geyserville as I would in San Francisco. However, I suspect this is due to the on-going glut of “juice” on the market.


Please remember we have local whisky selling from 8000 ntd up, or Gaoliang seling for 25k or 40k a bottle. That is my confusion over raising a stink for a 930 ntd bottle of wine.


I asked the owner. The women is indeed the real estate agent


Real estate owner?


This whole thing stinks. Bad service is irreverent at this point as the property being demolished dwarfs that incident a million times over.

If the restaurant owners are going after the estate agent, I suspect they may have their sights on the wrong target. An estate agent is an intermediary, The contract is between the property owner and the restaurant owner.

The property owner has already got a head start, and typically move their money around before the lawyers get to them, or in some cases run off to China. The lawyers job is to get the paperwork done and freeze assets before they disappear.


I’m thinking this. Maybe her or her boss wanted higher rent or a new commission for finding a new tennent. I’m thinking the owner will appeal demolition after getting the current tennent out.


The fuck??


Well, it’s kind of like a short-term rental agreement, cuz it doesn’t stay in your system for very long. :sunglasses:


[quote=“Dr_Milker, post:74, topic:159748, full:true”]
Well, it’s kind of like a short-term rental agreement, cuz it doesn’t stay in your system for very long. :sunglasses:[/quote]

So this:

…the new tennent. I’m thinking the owner will appeal demolition after getting the current tennent out.[/quote]

…is about taking a whiz to make room for more beer??

I see…


They’re going to get wrecked at this rate.


That shit ain’t cheap, neither.


[quote=“Rocket, post:75, topic:159748, full:true”]

[quote=“Dr_Milker, post:74, topic:159748, full:true”]
Well, it’s kind of like a short-term rental agreement, cuz it doesn’t stay in your system for very long. :sunglasses:[/quote]

So this:

Freudian slip.


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[quote=“Rocket, post:75, topic:159748, full:true”]



Hey, I get demolished after a couple of those Scottish brews…