Restaurant discriminates against Taiwanese???


To paraphrase Sting (sorry), if you love it, set it free. The Ozzies don’t call it piss for nothing.


Maybe it’s true. I went to the coffee shop with classmates of my wife for a reunion. One guy bought a $500 cup of coffee and shared it around. To me “Meh” it’s just coffee. I did not admit what I thought but man, I must be unworthy. I’m American so we don’t know coffee. Next time, I won’t take part in high priced coffee tasting.


apparently, the restaurant is open only for 40 days now---- and this lady went to eat 20 times---- i guess when they stopped the FREE meals – it created what we know already


I’d say that’s a distinct possibility…maybe free salami too. :wink:


The restaurant is 40 days old only?

If the woman brought her friends and PAID for meals and drinks, that is not bad.

Does the restaurant have a local partner?

No due diligence done I guess.


I am happy they are closing down for having illegal structures.


Not if you saw the woman in question…unlikely to be free salami.


As said, foreigners usually hire a real estate agent to manage that kind of thing. That someone set him up for failure is rather clear now. A common foreigner wouldn’t even know where to begin looking, if he is allowed to look at any relevant documents, and it is unlikely his Chinese skills would be up to the task, if he got to the papers. Moreover, I doubt he could see that relevant information. Is there a data base say for all “cursed” housing? Are all really listed there? Then, are all demolition prone places listed anywhere? In the open? For teh public to see.

Please remember demolition can happen anytime. Recently there was thsi guy whose home was demolished whiole he was still at court fighting the system. The company said they meant to demolish only floors 1 to 3, wehich they were authorized to do so, and “unwillingly” damaged thsi guy’s home… on the fourth floor…


The uglier the John (or Johnette), the higher the payoff. Maybe he got a real sweet deal on the rent.


Did I read the original story wrong? Isn’t the owner local and the manager and chef Italian?