Restaurant/food business opportunity...anyone?

How long have you lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or China? Do you enjoy working in the restaurant/food business? I am looking for a great business model/opportuity to expand into north america, and or into the international market. Are you interested so far…?

Can you tell me the best tasting pastries, breads, or desserts on the formosa island? Can you tell me if this concept will work in the north american market? Are you on top of food trends and consumer eating patterns in society? I am looking for a competent business partner to do market research and analysis. you must be in the restaurant/food business and also know the american market conditions.

If you have worked as a consultant in this capacity prior, I would love to hear from you. If this sounds interesting, email me at tangxiaodi@gmail, and we can talk more. Thank you.

I can tell you all you need to know for 50,000 USD.

Sorry to say Taiwanese bread and pastries are really inferior, but that’s just my opinion. I grew up eating my granny’s Viennese cakes - Everything else pales in comparison.

Sorry to say Taiwanese bread and pastries are really inferior.[/quote]
That’s being extremely kind, Juba. Taiwanese pastry and bread is FOUL, by far the most disgusting thing they make – crap flour, much too sweet, far too oily and yet the sweet fillings are not nearly sweet enough. Red bean paste and salty egg yolk, anyone? Dried-out shredded pork sawdust? :raspberry:
If you’re looking to export that kind of shite to America or Europe, you’d be best aiming only at the overseas Chinese communities, cos they’re the only people that would be even slightly interested.
And that’ll be US$50,000, please.

I think Douhua would be popular. It’s doufu, so you’ve got the health aspect covered, but it’s also sweet, so it’s very marketable.

OK. I’ll give you the heads up. Just a little taste of what you can expect for your 50 grand. There is a product here called horse piss egg. It’ll have 'em cued up around the block. What’s more I can sell you all the horse piss you need to get the gig established.

Actually some of the newer bakeries in Taipei have quite good breads and pastries.

But there are many bakeries, indeed, I wouldn’t go into.

And what do they put in the Shaving Foam cakes that are so popular, so expensive, yet so odious?

I can’t see why people buy those. Now they really are FOUL…

We had a bakery open here just last year. It’s products merited only one visit from me, EVER. Not surprisingly it closed within four months.

I just can’t recommend any baked goods from Taiwan at the moment. Most of the ones I like are imported ideas …! So look elsewhere.