Restaurant Furniture and Catering Supplies

Hi all,

Wondering if any has any recommendations with regards to where to source western Restaurant furniture like table and chairs, and also supplies like pots, plates and cutlery.

I’ve been to Wenchang street near TongHua night market but they generally sell home furniture, not really suitable for restaurant. My designer is looking at custom making them but im very sure his quote will be quite high and no means better quality.

Kitchen supplies wise, i’ve had a look at a few places. One opposite Breeze on Fuxing S. Road looks pretty good but want to a few places to compare prices and products.

Hope someone can help.

Many thanks in advance.

Try Huan He South Rd: If you come from Main Station - Chung Hsiao West Rd, turn right: there will be lots of hardware stores; further down to the south you will have shops with furnitures and kitchen supplies for restaurants.