Restaurant touchscreens

And others!

ok you better not touch anything other people have touched then. handrails, door handles, ezcard machines. and as the article says, your own smart phone.
and i’ve yet to see any in taiwan, although i saw them in KFC but it seemed to only slow things down. wouldn’t surprise me if the same cock up happens with them in MacDonald’s.

The thing is you usually eat with your hand after ordering on kiosks at McD’s, aka eating shit. The same cannot be said about stuff like handrails.

That’s why I always travel with the disinfecting wipes and wash my hands frequently. Probably our smartphones are dirtier than most toilets. I think I’ll clean mine now.

yea i never see Taiwanese eating at the same time as using their smart phone. never as in, every Taiwanese person, every time they eat. restaurants also have door handles btw.

No one is claiming that smartphones are particularly clean, but it’s safe to assume that most ppl’s smartphone is only used by themselves whereas kiosks have had thousands of fingers touched upon them.

the article you yourself linked literally says phones are worse.

Blockquote Touchscreens may not be the worst offender when it comes to harboring bacteria. An August survey that polled 1,000 people in the U.K. found that more than a third had never cleaned their smartphone and claimed they had more bacteria on them than a toilet seat

Are kiosks really necessary? It seems like they only like installing them because customers tend to spend more when they order from them vs ordering from the person at the counter. Does it do anything for overall efficiency?

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I choose bacteria over feces.

The handling of the food is a much bigger issue. A lot of people who work in these kind of restaurants are teenagers, so you’ll be looking at a fair amount of faeces on their hands. With the boys, semen too.

Last month I’ve been to a McDonald in taipei that had kiosks between the entrance and the counter. I’m not sure about the amount of money, but the people fiddling with the kiosks were definitely spending more time than just asking the person at the register.
I was only there to get a cup of tea (early in the morning most drink stores are closed, feelsbadman) so I didn’t even think about ordering at the kiosk and then walk to the counter
I’d guess that if you need to make a large order for multiple people, or you’re not sure what to order etc etc, spending time at a kiosk can be better than standing at the counter wondering what to order while people behind you begin to hate you.

Place your order and then go wash your hands like any other civilized person should before they eat. Hmmm, wonder what they did at sit down restaurants with actual menus before all this kiosk tech nonsense. Oh yeah, you got up and washed your hands.

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They have been incorporated into the counters of a Milkshake franchise I have been working with. If they are away from the regular serving area this is to encourage interaction with the menu (read that as lots of options and animation so you spend more). Anything within the service area is about speeding you up but with a focus on high value items, staff are then able to take over your order from the till to speed you up if your taking to long.

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Take surgical gloves with you all the time, you’ll never know what it’s good for … ORDERING a burger :rofl:

in taiwan i honestly don’t think they will be able get it right. but when i go home i really notice how behind it is here. there are self service checkouts everywhere in england. and yes it is more efficient and just a better experience.
and as for the macdonalds kiosks, yea its far easier. there are several of them. so you don’t need to wait(they wont get this part right in taiwan i’m sure of it) and then you put your seating area and the staff take your food to you. less waiting, and food is brought to you. the staff also still have jobs to do so its not taking away work or anything like that. whats not to like? i think gain doesn’t like them because he was accused of shoplifting as he doesn’t know how to use the self checkouts properly.

What the fuck are you talking about? Who was accused of shoplifting?

I don’t give a flying fuck about what kind of check-out methods McDs use. I never liked eating the stupid crap they serve anyway. And the few times I did go in England the kiosks weren’t even working properly.



They were shut down or they weren’t printing receipts and shit.

Mos Burger has some. But I guess to difficult and would make too much good sense to add English or other languages.