Restaurants, Bars, Dance venues etc. in Kending

I’d like some personal recommendations other than the usual ones in the usual guidebooks (Restaurants: Cactus Caf

I ate at the fish market in Maobitou. They only serve sashimi but wow is it fresh, and cheap. It’s really a fish market though, fishy smells and all. The “restaurant” is just a side deal thing they do.

thanks, that sounds really good. Could you tell me the exact location? The only fish market I know round there is a little north of the actual cape of Maobitou, the little fishing port of Houbihu. Is that where it is or is it right at Maobitou, or maybe further west towards Maobitou Park? When’s the best time to go there to eat? Probably only a few hrs. a day (in the morning? afternoon?).

An exact location would be difficult, but it’s on the way to Maobitou from Kending. It’s beside the the fisherman’s dock and really close to the place that has the big glass bottom boat (I think - anyway there is a big advertisement for it there). I just sort of stumbled on the place and have only been there once so that’s about the best I can do directions wise.

I think they are only open from four till nine at night or so.