Restaurants, Bars, Dance venues etc. in Kending

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I’d like some personal recommendations other than the usual ones in the usual guidebooks (Restaurants: Cactus Caf

when i was in Kenting a few years ago i ate in a Thai restaurant on the main drag!! It was very nice but, like all restaurants there, pretty expensive. But i would recommend that place although i cant remember the name; at the time it was also the only Thai place i can remember. I stayed in the Caesar hotel for one night which i actually thought was a little outdated; lucky we didn’t pay for it as my girlfriend won it in a raffle or something. For the other night we stayed in a hotel at the top end near the mcdonalds. It was the second hotel on the right, and had a duck on the logo for the hotel. I thought it was pretty cheap and nice. We went over chrimbo and i think we only payed a few thousand NT. I thought it was great value; nice room and also we had a room with a balcony overlooking the pool. I thought it was well worth it!!

That was Warlong Didi. It has since moved to the “back road”. Turn down the road away from the entrance to the park. Follow it around and you’ll find it. You have to make reservations to eat there if it’s a weekend. Try the Tom Yam soup. The best I have ever had. And i’ve been to Thailand a few times.

I also like “Chez Papa”. A nice little place on the main strip. Owned and operated by a nice French guy and his wife. Try the mustard chicken. They also have a selection of Belgian beers.

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