Restaurants for Large Groups


Does anyone have any suggestions for restaurants in Taipei that would be great for large groups? I’m talking about 15-20 people.

Any cuisine is good; on the cheaper side would be great, but open to any advice.



You can try the Apartment Cafe.

It is in the Chungshan Dist. in Taipei. Very close to the Chungshan MRT stop.
They have good food and drinks and are reasonably priced.
They will do big group discounts.
I like their downstairs lounge setting … comfy couches and chairs.

Call and ask for Alice. Her English is great.

Phone: 02-2571-0508

Address: Chungshan N. Rd, Sec. 2, Lane 44, No. 21-2

Tell Alice Stu sent you.

Thank you muffin!

Any suggestions for an italian restarant, that can cope with a mixed adults & kids party of about 16?

in an ideal world, where we can order pizza and pasta and not get charged the earth for a few bottles of wine - or BYO…

visiting the family in april and could do with somewhere to take them.

last time, we ended up in a buffet japanese place, good food and value, but everyone was back and forth to the buffet all the time instead of eating and chatting!