Restoring Truthiness

It’s gonna need a thread eventually.

I bet they get more than 87,000.

Edit: In response to this guy and his fucking half-witted attempt at usurping one of the truly great moments in American history, some dudes I like are retaliating. It’s news baby. News about the news.

The most accurate number of his crowd, inflated to 350K by Failin’ Palin, half a mill by the Peck himself and a cool million by some other idiot, can’t remember her name. So there was a comment, and most folks that read the [papers know this. So, don’t know how I fell offside of your rules, but hope this squares it.

He could do it funny, but I think it’s something that he should not do.

Well, they are doing it Doc. Oct 30th.

I hope he does it with style. He should really bring all the big shots in: Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, etc. That way they will def get more than Peck/Balin got…but the numbers don’t matter, Colbert can claim that 2 billion people came :laughing:

Looks like Colbert is gonna play the foil. The 20% rep.

This will be interesting.

All, and I mean ALL due respect Doc, I don’t understand why you would think they shouldn’t. After the audacity of the Peck/Bailin’ lollapafuckyoua-merica, I am ecstatic these guys are doing this. Wouldn’t you like to see an attempt at prevailing reason? And to do it with humor as well? They’ll probably conscript Bill Maher as well.

From the looks of other things, the left leaning hystericals are gonna get an even dose of their loving spoonful of sugar, so can this truly be the fair and balanced perspective real people want?

No, this is a good thing Doc. All due respect.

I think they will do it right. I was afraid they would offend too many people. I watched their announcements and it looks like it will be a fun thing. I just didn’t want it to be something where they would just make fun of all the people who attended Glenn Beck’s thing.

Glenn Beck had a rally and it was big and it was peaceful and it was legal.

Jon Stewart now has his own site, too:

I hope they offend Beck/Palin, lol. Not hard to do :wink:

Wouldn’t All Hallow’s Eve be a better day? Ghouls know more truth than we will ever know.

It’s a Sunday and the guys understand that the silent 80% have jobs and lives. Saturday was chosen to ease the burden of making the trip.

Colbert’s testimony in Congress is priceless.

Classic! :bravo:

Since announcing the rally, Stewart has had a King, 2 Presidents and AND Oprah endorse him. Put that in your Beck and Palin it.

Plugs from Obama and an even higher power, Oprah, put this thread in good company. Facebook has 182000+ attending the rally and while Colbert has a mere 80,000+ reservations. How many do you think will show up. I am gonna guesstimate 150,000.