Restructuring Taiwanease Magazine

Issue 12 of Taiwanease is out now, completing our initial run of six months. We’ve learned a lot, made some mistakes, (hopefully) got some things right, and enjoyed ourselves along the way. Now the time has come for us to consider the future of the magazine. Everyone involved is enthusiastic about continuing, so we’ve decided to put the whole project on a more serious footing, both financially and editorially. The best way for us to do this is to take a short break from putting the magazine out to allow us to reorganise the internal structure of the group and our working practices, plus recruiting new advertisers.

We’re very interested in finding new content and I’m as open to those who’d like to contribute one-off articles as to those who would like to contribute regularly or take on a column. The next issue of Taiwanease is planned for release on April 6th and we look forward to bringing you the new, improved version.

Taffy Cannings
Managing Editor

Any news?

Given the quality of some photos that appear on, any plans to run photo essays?

What’s happening with the magazine? Has Taffy been distracted by trivial domestic matters such as getting married? :wink:

Oops, sorry - missed Loretta’s original response to this thread - trivial things like getting married, y’know. :wink:

As the astute lady has noticed, the initial date I talked about above has passed, to be replaced with a future not yet determined. Everyone involved with the project has been busy with other things (making money, living life etc - poor excuses, I know), but we are still very much looking for Taiwanease to return in the near future. Updates when I have them.

We always felt that a photo essay would unbalance the magazine in its 32-page format. With the possibility of switching to a larger number of pages comes the feasability of including some of the excellent work of photographers here on Forumosa.