Resume, demos and visa questions

Hi, i’m new to the forums, but this forum seems great and has a great deal of info about teaching english in Taiwan which is what I’m interested in. So I have a few questions. I recently graduated with B.A in French and would like to travel and teach english somewhere more exotic than where I currently live (NC). Taiwan seems to be a good choice and this site provides quite a lot of info on various things involving teaching english there.

So i was wondering for my resume when i’m preparing it, Hess is one of the organizations I’m thinking of (I really like the flight reimbursement benefit I’ve read about with them) What are some good things to put besides education and work experience? I’ve been a full-time student for the past 2 years (i.e. jobless) so i’m quite lacking in any current work experience. I did live in and study in France for 9 months which was amazing. Don’t know if that would be interesting to mention. I don’t have any experience with teaching though unless you count when my girlfriend asks me how to pronounce various words with an american accent. So what are some things to make my resume a bit more interesting.

Also, if a school would ask me to do a teaching demo, what are some tips. Since I have no experience I don’t know how to make a lesson out of nothing yet! :discodance:

Lastly, since I know it is quite late to be looking into teaching jobs or at least I think it is. How long does it normally take from the time you apply for the job, to the interview, to the job acceptance, to you finally get your visa and arrive in Taiwan? How long does this normally take? Do you get your work visa in the US or in Taiwan?

Sorry I asked a lot of questions but I am very curious about these things, hopefully some other newbie to the forums will find the answers just as interesting as I will.

You can check out the visa section of the forum for that kind of info, just use the search bar :sunglasses:

if all you have is a B.A you can only get a position in a cram school, if money is a big deal to you you might want to look at korea, any professional teaching jobs with government schools require a teaching degree, generally the pay in cram schools is not great (hourly in most cases) Korea hires year round, you won’t have a problem find work there with a BA any time of year.

Hess might offer flight reimbursement, but most other schools won’t, Taiwan is a harder market for an eng teacher then some other countries. Be sure to do a search of the benefits and negatives of working with Hess (I personally dont’ know very much about the company, Dave’s esl cafe message board is a good place to start) the website might make it sound like a dream job, but talk to people who have actually worked for them, and dont’ take everything you hear from the company at face value.

biggest tip I can give you is DO YOUR RESEARCH

Good luck


For kids, split them up into two teams. Each kid gets a number (this way you don’t need to know their names)

Have one or two sentence patterns.

Teach them some vocab with pictures on flashcards, then give them some examples. “The BREAD is (IN/on) the BAG”.

Bread and bag are flashcard words, they have to know if it goes in or on. Get some other food and locations.

Throw the flashcards up on the board with magnets (The [ ] is in/on the [ ]) and make them race to write the sentence.

First one to get it write and say the whole thing out loud gets a point.

Do like ten repetitions of this, and they’ll love you.

No points and they won’t give a crap about what you say, but have points and the kids will treat you like a superstar when they win their pointless little “game”.

With adults just hope you get good demo students. They like to throw fake students that pretend they can’t talk at you. I still haven’t figured out how to crack those people open.

The adults would probably make more mistakes than the kids there, and they’d be much slower since they’re afraid to make mistakes in front of anyone. Adults here are pretty worthless, except for old people that have no shame anymore.

thanks alot for all the info!