Retire to Kuching, Malaysia?

OK taiwan has gotten too rich , too hectic (17 million to 23 million and counting) and too expensive to live in?

HOw about Kuching eh? … 21378.html

How about Taiwan outside of Taipei?

yep, Indonesia is being promoted as the next big growth economic giant.

With a massive population and huge resource base and democratic government it has a lot going for it, some big Taiwanese investments there recently.

Retiring in Taiwan is only for people who are comfortable with Taiwan and have family links, it is cheap outside of Taipei but there is no foreign community and the level of English will mean it is only favoured by overseas Chinese and Taiwanese as a place to retire, even then many Taiwanese dream of retiring in Canada or the US.

Kuching is on borneo and is part of Malaysia i believe.

Yes you are right of course. Malaysia is a popular place to retire already, speaking English and generally tolerant and safe place with plenty of space.

Borneo would be a nice place if it wasn’t for the Indonesians and Malaysians systematically fucking it up. A large chunk of revenues flowing into both Malaysia and Indonesia comes either from fencing stolen goods, or ripping off stuff themselves, and selling it to people who ask no questions. They’re both going to hit an economic brick wall unless they diversify their sources of income and curb institutionalised corruption and criminality.