Retirement in Taiwan

you should get APRC after 5 years of residency.

if your plan is to stay in Taiwan even if you might become alone before the 5 years, you can get a work based ARC as an English teacher until you get APRC if you have a degree, or can do naturalization after 3 years if you can renounce your original nationality.

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The OP is American and planning to retire, so most likely he won’t want to go this route, as renouncing his US citizenship will result in a loss of Social Security benefits.

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From what you’ve said, I think the Taipei area (not necessarily Taipei City) would be a good fit, for the reasons that Icon, spaint, and olm mentioned. Being retired, you’ll have a lot of free time to travel around the island if you want to visit or spend some extended time in a more rural/natural part of the country. Taiwan is much smaller in area than the US, so you’ll probably be happy to discover that you can get to just about anywhere on the island in 4 hours or less by High Speed Rail or train. There are also local flights to the southern area and offshore islands.

Remember the CCP is not only your geographical neighbour but spy as well!

Sounds from your list that Taipei would be the closest option…if you can handle being in a more remote location, the east coast is much more beautiful. If you want city, nigthtlife, things to do etc TPE for sure.