Retiring in Taiwan


Land and then fixed up shipping container? Maybe two shipping containers- one that you rent out? Don’t laugh until you’ve looked into it!


The in-laws have some land and could do it and get power and water too, just a bit close…to the in-laws lol. Then we’ll be surrounded by taro and rice fields. Not the worst I guess.

Actually there’s even a guy down the road that sells the ‘ant houses’ custom made. Personally I think there’s no need to stick with a container. I haven’t looked into the costing though.

Some good ones


What about defining a cheap but nice countryside area, looking for houses separately, and creating a retirement community?
so we can share many costs and bring a bit of life to a place in the countryside.


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It would have been nice nice if the houses in Yangmingshan that belonge dto the US army had been set up as elderly homes, since they are one floor only. Couple of tennis courts, a swimming pool, anmd Bob’s your uncle.

Or we can take over the Zhongshing New Village in Nantou, buahahaha.

Seriously, we have plenty of those in teh ol country,. How come with all teh elderly folk here no one has thought of that? It is a huge cash cow, the business writes itself. Cultural issues?

I’d buy a large plot of decrepit houes in Xindian or Tainan, the old one floor ones. Refurbish, rearrange, maybe draw a wall like the old veterna villages used to have. A community within a community. Set up services like nurses and cleaning on site, but give independence to the "tenants’. Arrange for outings every month to cool places say the beach or elsewhere. Wouldn’t allow elderly to go out without chaperone though, I am so heartbroken from picking up fallen elderly neighbors. There is an age where you shouldn’t go out alone.


I think this has some potential as an investment idea, but not as any type of cooperation involving pooling of money together to make a community. Everyone has different ideas and people get grumpy and less willing to cooperate in their old age. Just take a look at this thread when I mentioned Hualien- so much negativity and grumpy old fart attitude. And I don’t think any of us are really that old yet. As a matter of fact, you can take your retirement community idea and stuff it.

Edit: That was a bit harsh. I should have said “up your nose with a rubber hose.”


I fully agree with you
Please notice the word ‘separately’ in my first post
Let me rephrase it

What about defining a cheap but nice countryside area,
looking for and buying land and/or houses separately,
and creating a ‘laowai retirement neighborhood’?

Look at this one … at random

600 pings that is 2900 m2 for 1.6 million
add a container, a fridge for the beer and cabernet sauvignon
all good!


Well, retirement has to be planned sooner the better. Say, being optimistic, we make it to 65 and get a pension from the ROC government if it is still around. We have to provide for ourselves at least for 20 years more, average lifespan at least in the ol country nowadays being 80 something for women. Guys let’s say 70 something, still leaves 10 years to write the Ultimate Taiwanese Novel, or drink yourselves to a stupor while driving others to stupor with your clever podcast on all things Taiwan.

I have seen those pooling respurces retirments and they work. If you set it up as a business, it works. Many things work as long as you have the cash to make them work.


Won’t Yangmingshan blow up one day?


I decided to read the entire thread

wow, it started in September 2004
I wonder where this Reaperjim is now!
still in Taiwan? same partner?

A few things have changed in 13 years
ARC, APRC, Health Insurance…
Financial has been good for the last 13 years
Lots of work, students, customers, etc…
Who knows about tomorrow?

In those 200+ messages, I read about…

Fear of China taking over
Fear of economic crisis
Fear of losing gf, wife, … reason to live here?
Fear of no work and no revenue
Fear of lack of health insurance
Fear of language issues
Fear of isolation

It would be nice to call members of this forum such as…
MJB, merge, Omni, JDsmith, Blax, smileymiley, Omniloquacious,
Rotalsnart, divea, Enigma, Rotalsnart, twonavels, bismarck,
housecat, djlowballer, fh2000, thesublimenakedfairy
and see where they are and do now!


Taiwan sounds like one of the worst possible place for retirement. The pension scheme is a fucking disaster, the weather sucks (too hot in summer and plenty of typhoons), the pollution is terrible. Why not choose somewhere like Spain?


LOL. Most of them AFAIK left the Island for their own countries of origin. A few are still around.

But yes, this is the kind of thread that is good to revisit a few years down the road.


if you call divea a guy, she’ll slap your face off your head. not sure about sublimenakedfairy: i’ve always been confused about that one.


Corrected. Thanks. I… I… I am not ready to die. Not yet


I’d say half of them are still around.


Seriously, let’s look at this

pop up buidlings… mobile structures… mini homes…

internet is full of ideas


Someone had a full camper for sale in Yahoo Kimo.


Still here. Most likely will be here for a long time as well. Got a place with piece of land large enough to hunker down and sustain myself, if the apocalypse happens. But, also have an exit strategy…


That seems like a good way to maintain some sanity, even if you never come close to:


Former Taiwan resident here (1996-2004). Glad to see that this thread is still up and running. While retirement for my wife and I is still several years away, you can place me in the camp of those who would prefer to live in Hualian or Taitung.