Retiring in Taiwan



I certainly didn't mean to infer "all" anywhere in my post. I should have put a smiley to show my mischievous intent though. I was just surprised at the lack of posts.

BTW I had a VERY strong Korean gf who decided that she just couldn't live in HK. As there was no work for me in Korea that was that.


Taiwan over the very long term offers my wife closeness to her family, which is a priority, and closeness to great scuba diving. Also, the worldy mix of foreigners here is wonderful.


..yeah...what he said.... :tic:

...I asked for "Thai-land"....


Someday you'll be 70, living in some old quarter of Taipei, such as Wanhua, sitting out front in the sunshine on a plastic chair with a couple of mates around, chewing sunflower seads, toothpick in mouth, can of Taiwan beer nearby, and you'll look around and think, "Man, it could have been worse..."


Yeah we could be stuck in Canada outside at 70 freezing our buts off at -20C...

I have no intention of leaving. My wife lived overseas for 5 years and she doesn't like it. She prefers to live here. So do I. :smiley: :smiley:


I have no intention of leaving. I love it here.


In Canada, it's hard to afford the lifestyle that you get used to having here. My wife and I are back for a vacation right now, and it's pretty friggin' expensive. Taiwan is where it's at for us!


It's the opposite with me. I'm in the early stages of considering moving the whole family from Canada to Taiwan and am not sure that we will be able to maintain our lifestyle on the island. Based on an earlier thread that I started, there is a possibility that we may be able to break even economically, but the flex-hours at work here is just sooo wonderful. :smiley: Maybe when the kids get a bit older...


I'll sound off on this. I guess being from Arkansas the wife just couldn't handle it there. Though they did open a new mall about 25 miles from the ole homestead she likes. She says we will retire there, though I don't believe her. I've resigned to living here and am making the most of it. I plan on retiring to Taitung someday in the far away future (have to have the money to build the typhoon proof house first.)

And what, with E-Store around now I can get all the western food I plug plug plug.. Ok, bad but hey,, gotta do


An insurance policy is needed for this evantuality.

Pay a sniper to keep a look out and to take you out with a high powered rifle if you're ever spotted in a plastic chair with Taiwan beer.


[sound of a Texan biting his tongue]

I would have ended up being a lifer after seven years, but then I persuaded my future spouse to get married in the US. And guess what? It looks like we'll be going back to TW anyway. For the near term.

But she's found that she gets along in the US terrifically--better than I do, in fact--so I think we'll have the best of both worlds before us no matter where we choose to spend the rest of our days. (sound of a Texan frantically knocking on wood)


Just shoot me now Ironman.... do I have to pay you first or would you consider it a mercy killing? :smiley:


I'm here for keeps, I reckon. It suits me just about as well as anywhere could, and it'll suit me even better if I can move to a detached house with a decent-sized garden in Hualien County or somewhere as pleasant.

I just hope I won't be booted out when China takes over.


I'm starting to like those white underwear shirts the old guys wear.
Have the fake button on the neckline...kind of gausy looking.
I asked the wife to get me a few of them.
She gave me a really weird look and shook her head while walking away.

I just wanna ass-im-a-late.


Of course I can leave. One day.

I can do it anytime I want.

Anytime I could stop, I tell ya.


Same as it ever was.


...and right after that, a round of "gahm-pei's" of Kinmen Kaoliang...


Nice quote, but you got the name of the band wrong. they were called 'Talking pumpkins' or 'smashing heads.' I forget which. :smiley: But definitely they were not called, 'Same as it ever was.' :noway:


I'm here for the duration, and planning to live quietly on the East Coast toward Taidong when the hair turns gray and I can't think straight anymore. There are a surprising amount of 20+year residents here that have already made the pilgrimage to rural southeast Taiwan.

Course if that fawkin hillbilly retires in the same neighborhood I'll have to rethink this strategy... :smiling_imp:


You say that now.. just wait till I get the ole still goin...