I wish to purchase a classic video game arcade for my newest project. Working or non-working is fine.

Any ideas where to find them in Taiwan? How about an arcade where I could play them? :ponder:

Examples of what I’m looking for.

How do you get close enough with your walker to play without falling down? :grandpa: Be careful with those hips. :wink:

I’d actually check with the video slot people who run the electronic gambling dens or the rarer legit arcades. I’d also check ebay for sellers based in Taiwan or if you’re really serious make one for yourself. What you’d want is out there, but it’s just finding that right person/company to help you get it. I find the biggest problem is trying to figure out if the person you’re talking to has enough juice/knowledge or is just blowing smoke up your ass.

I know for a fact it’s out there as I have seen them in Taiwan. If I can swing it next week I’ll talk to a gambling den laoban about it.

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Yes. I plan to visit an arcade, if they still exist, and see if they are able to point me in the right direction for finding someone or some company that deals with them. My fear is that all of the old retro games have been junked because of the Taiwanese affinity for all things new. My real hobby is restoring classic automobiles, but of course that’s not possible in Taiwan for the same reason. Old is bad, new is good mentality.

I also don’t want to ship one all the way from the US to Taiwan as the shipping costs would be prohibitive.

As for making one for myself. Yes, I could do that quite easily, in America. However, in Taiwan, where do I get the wood and where do I get the wood for a reasonable price? Ever been to the store formerly known as B&Q? They have a section named “Lumber” and there is no lumber to be found there except for some odds and ends.

Thanks. If you see any old PacMan or such out there, please let me know. I’m going to check out the top floor of the Miramar Mall in Da-zhi as I heard that they have an amusement center or some type of arcade up there.

They exist, just finding them. The sides of video games are just painted linoleum like they use on counter tops on top of pressed wood. Pretty flimsy stuff, if you’re good with electronics it’s all doable.

Lumber is everywhere. The store formerly known as B&Q is only used for specialty or impossible to find things for me. I can pretty much source anything now in Taiwan. Get a Taiwanese yellow pages from Chunghwa telecom and you can go far and then there is which is surprisingly useful.

I would of made a crack about pooping in a bag, but I was under time constraints. Not a big fan of the site, so…

You can find old automobiles in Taiwan, it’s just a matter of finding the right people. I do hope I find one before you so we can meet up. :thumbsup:

there are some arcades in the last floot of the 今日秀泰影城 building in ximending, at Global Mall in panqiao, panqiao MRT station and taipei main station

Don’t try sourcing lumber at B&Q, they do have it (and chances are arcade cabinet is made of the same crappy pressed wood you find at B&Q) but they are at a premium. However B&Q does have the best return policy in Taiwan, so I guess it evens out.

You aren’t going to be using curly maple or brazilian rosewood to build an arcade cabinet then put vinyl over that…

You can buy wood in Taiwan, you just need to know where to look. I found a lumberyard somewhere at Yanping N. Rd. Sec. 7 that carries a pretty good selection, although it does seem to not be as good as the US but that’s because a lot of these dealers aren’t like woodcraft or rockler… no one to tie it all together because of lack of a consumer market for it.

Forget Alibaba unless you want to buy multiple 40 foot container worth of goods… they only deal in factory quantities.

[quote=“Taiwan Luthiers”]Forget Alibaba unless you want to buy multiple 40 foot container worth of goods… they only deal in factory quantities.[/quote]The Taiwanese factories will sell you smaller orders or tell you where to go if you pay them a visit. Not everyone lives in Taipei. :unamused:

if you are not looking for the actual machine, just get a emulator and the rom, and you can play the old game all day long. You can also build an arcade with some plywood, hide the computer in there, hook it up with monitor and joystick, and you’d get pretty close…

No kidding. I never would have thought of that. :unamused:

Everyone knows about emulators and ROMs. I don’t want to use my computer and I don’t want to build a shitty arcade with crappy plywood and get “pretty close”. I want to build my own fullsize professional M.A.M.E. arcade for my “man cave”. I would like to begin with the basic shell of an old arcade game and then create something really cool and professional looking. Hence, the quest for some old retro-arcade games.

Here are a couple examples of what I have in mind.

that looks like it’s just a computer and an emulator. All that’s different from what I said is he put in the time to make the casing out of Acrylic or something.

Yes. You are correct. My mistake. Sorry.

Now…let me get back to the topic at hand. Do you know where I can find a retro-arcade game in Taiwan?

Know this is slightly off topic, but where are the competitive fighting games (Street Fighter, Tekken, M vs C, etc.) in Taipei?

Found a more sitdown version, like you would need a chair to play.

There’s also a classic car garage nearby. Let me know when you’re unbanned and I’ll get both addresses for you.

I just saw this NCS. I’ll ask around I’m sure we can turn up something. I know what you mean.

In the meantime you might find Ben Heck enjoyable. Great resource for refurbishing arcade consoles.