Return of the Mummy 3

I saw this movie yesterday with my friends. It was quite all right, I think it’s a bit cheesy and not as good as the first 2, but It’s really interesting to see the opinions of Taiwanese people that watch that movie. I think there is one or two jokes aimed at Chinese people, in which they just use Chinese and don’t even have an English translation in the movie.

Overall it was ok.

I’d think the Dragon emperor would make a better leader than Chairman Mao.

To be honest, when I saw this film was coming out I couldn’t help but think that was blatantly a movie made with the Chinese market in mind or at least riding on the “Chinese stuff is cool” wave.

Not gonna go see it, cos I know what to expect, crap one liners, Brits showed to be posh bumbling idiots, the Chinese guys as silent, cold but stupidly powerful… Clichesville, Hollywood

The biggest laugh in the first movie was when that guy was using different charms and amulets agianst the mummy and he pulled out he chinese one and said, “Buddha, qiou qiou ni.” or somethin like that. Everyone cracked up the theater.

The film got an unflattering review in the Taipei Times today. Mostly about bad Chinese and historical inaccuracy.

I thought it was rather nice. Ooh, are those cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off? I haven’t had any since Henley. Only I seem to have mislaid my spectacles.

Imagine! Grown people paying money to see a film called The Mummy 3. And then complaining that it’s a bunch of silly crap.

I fear for the future of mankind, I really do.