Returning Product To Amazon 2023

I bought some stuff on Amazon before Christmas, it arrived after a long wait but unfortunately doesn’t suit.

On the Amazon website it says return is “Eligible through January 31, 2023”. I clicked the return button and it seems like it will go through however does “January 31st” mean I can start the return and ship tomorrow or Amazon should receive the stuff before January 31st?

In addition to this the return process says I need to find my own shipping method and Amazon will refund US$20. Checking on the post office website it seems that the cheapest method is TWD$1130 but could take up to 3 months! “EMS Merchandise” seems to be the quickest and also probably has the tracking Amazon ask for, but is considerably more than US$20.

Does anyone have any recent experience? Have I left it too late? If not, is EMS the best way to ship?

It’s not worth it at all, unless the item you bought is really expensive. Just sell it on facebook groups/marketplace.

I see some posts stating you can contact Amazon to claim the additional shipping costs, it would be worth it then. Selling on Facebook is definitely a last resort!

I used the ~NT2000 option in the end, got there and was processed by Amazon in less than a week, refund to credit card a couple of days later. Have to start chasing for the postage now!