Returning ticket question?

Hey guys i have a question, i came to taiwan from uk my return will be soon i backed it to the max length of 12 months, dont really want to go back so i was wondering
could i just miss that flight get another 1 way ticket back to UK from here in taiwan? will there be any problems or will that be fine aswell?
thanks in advance guys:-)

How easily and cheaply you can change your ticket depends on the airline and the conditions of your particular ticket. Contact your airline for details.

But what you don’t want to do is overstay your visa in Taiwan, especially since you’d like to stay here longer. You’ll probably have to go to HK to renew your visa or pick up a new one, as the case may be.

i stay here on visa exempt i do visa runs every 3 months
but ill have to eventually go back to uk as the 12 months is almost up for that one flight, as i know taiwan like to see a round journey was wondering if i can just get another outgoing to UK.

Hi there,
As far as I can recall, if you are flying with BA, you might be charged about 25 quid or so for the amendment.
But as previously said, you’d better contact your airline company!

Unless times have changed since I was in the travel industry, the maximum validity of any airline ticket is 1-year. After that, it’s worth nothing.

There will be no fine in Taiwan for length of stay, as long as your immigration documents are in order. That is a separate issue from your plane ticket.

Should be fine, just as long as you can change your flight with the airline or you don’t mind buying another ticket. Also make sure your visa in still valid or that you get an extension

If your valid ticket out is expiring, then you will have to ask if the airline will change it and if not, buy a new one. Call your airline.

YOu also dont need a ticket back to the UK. Any ticket out of Taiwan will do I think.

yeah my ticket is almost up for its 12 months max length, its with BA too, think i can just let it expire, not to turn up when its time to fly out, just book a one way to hong kong, then wile im there buy a return to HK that way its not so much expensive then flying as far as you for visa runs, yeah my docs are fine i visa run every 90 days next 1 is in a week :slight_smile: