Returning to an ex-employer

That is your answer. Go back. All the other advice is noise.

It’s what you want that is important.


Ended up going back. A little less money than my current job but also a better job and better hours and less teaching time so I figured it’s worth it.

Going back Monday so I’m quitting my new job without notice. it’s going be interesting to see how that goes down :joy:


You will want to let them know before you were supposed to be there. I’m pretty sure they can make your life hell for any “no call, no show”

You can head over to 711 for a coffee. When they say something, tell them you never agreed to the new rule, and quit ?


I’d say go visit them. Tell them how much you’re currently getting and that you’d need to travel as you’ve moved. You would also be required to give notice to your current employer so that means there’s a bit of time to sort out the details.

Find out exactly how much notice you are legally required to give your new employer. Some contracts will say 2 months but that’s not legal. The labour bureau should be able to advise you on this.

You should also still be on the trial period with your new contract meaning there shouldn’t be any penalty for leaving. If they haven’t provided you with a copy of your contract then you can report them to the labour bureau who will report them to the MoE.

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Just tell them your grandpa died.


When I first started working my grandpa gave me this advice lol

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I knew a guy who did this. Didn’t want to quit but wanted to go on holiday. So Grandma died.

When he came back, he received cards saying how sorry people were for his loss. His boss took him aside and told him that if he needs to suddenly take thirty mins to compose himself, she should just go.

He couldn’t take the guilt after everyone was so nice and quit the next day. Ha ha


Make sure you tell us what happens after you tell them you are quitting

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I told them my (Taiwanese husband) and I got a divorce this morning so I don’t have the right to work as of this morning. Etc etc I don’t wanna be in a new unfamiliar town. This isn’t totally untrue as we do have problem’s but haven’t signed papers yet.

She was nice about it but her number 1 priority is making money from the parents and she kept telling me to think about her and her business as if I owe her something after 3 days lol.

She ended up saying ‘you can work here illegally and I’ll see you tomorrow’. She won’t be seeing me tomorrow, i need to go meet my old boss.

I feel like an asshole for lying but I also feel like it’s easier than the truth

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After being in Taiwan a while, I agree that lying is easier.


“you can work here illegally”, famous last words of an employer that one will remember on the plane ride out, ha ha


It’s not the first time I’ve had a school try to convince me to work illegally but I’m not that guy.