Returning to Taiwan after many years but haven't done military service

I’m a US citizen married to a Taiwanese man who left Taiwan at age 18 to go to college eleven years ago. He’s now working on his Ph.D. dissertation and is working full-time. He has also just very recently got his green card. He hasn’t been back to Taiwan since he left, but we’re planning a visit this year.

There is one thing that is possibly getting in our way. He hasn’t been called to military service but we’re concerned that his visit will prevent him from leaving Taiwan. We also looked at the possibility of him getting an Overseas Chinese certificate but it looks like he might be ineligible (, but since he left a long time ago there might be previous laws at play that he may be grandfathered under.

He is planning on going up to the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office soon and get this sorted out but I would love to hear from people who have been in this situation or might know more about this situation.

Thanks for any help

He still has to serve. There are some threads where people came back to Taiwan to serve the mandatory conscription, so they can visit without issues in the future. This is the recommended way.

You might want to wait until he gets his US Passport and travel with that. But I can’t say if he can get away entering with his US passport.

Legally there is a cutoff age (if I remember correctly - age 12) when you have to leave Taiwan and live abroad, then you don’t have to serve.

He needs to prove his current studies when he comes to Taiwan to leave. I forgot which office he needs to go to, but he should be free to leave as long as he’s still in school.

some laws on conscription here

Hi jutup, would the overseas chinese certificate allow your husband to enter and exit the country without being subject to mandatory military service? Just asking cause it was not clear from the language in the link you shared