Returning to Taiwan on a 'short' passport

When I return to Taiwan in February, my passport will have only a couple months of validity left. (It expires in April.) Can I enter Taiwan with that? Someone told me I must have 6 months of validity left.

My ARC is valid until August 2004.

You won’t be allowed in, unless you are supermodel Linda Evangelista.

Or my dad…

They let him in, cause my mom already had past customs just before him and told them, that they are here to see their daughter and that she would have to stay here all by herself, if they’d send him back…blablabla…

So they let him in, but he had to sign a paper, which stated, that he was really sorry not to have renewed his passport in time and that he would be more careful next time…blablabla

End of story, they didn’t have any problems during their stay

I was once kept off a Northwest Airlines flight because I only had 4 months validity on my passport. They don’t care how long your ARC runs, they want to see 6 months on the passport. Bloody stupid as I was going to HK a week after that and could easily have done everything there; instead I had to change my flight, pay money, and get a rush passport done in Honolulu. Apparently the airlines are fined if they let you through.

Get a new passport now and avoid the hassle.

I hear that the airline is fined about US$10,000 if they carry someone who cannot pass immigration at the destination

This is what Qantas told me when I did not have a return ticket and I said I have been to Taiwan 10 times and I just cashed in the open return ticket because no-one ever wanted to see it and its validity was about to expire.