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Hi all,

What we do? encourages positive and negative reviews on hagwons, schools, universities and recruiters.

We also post breaking news as it happens; changes in legislation, education, turmoil, scams and other events that may affect you when heading abroad to teach.

What you can do?

Did you have an unpleasant experience with a school? Are you sure that a recruiter or someone has ripped you off? Perhaps, you just want to warn others about a crazy scam that has occurred in your neighborhood.

Just post your complaint on! It will take you just a few minutes to warn others about any suspicious activity from a person, recruiter or school, so no one else will fall into their trap again.

We also require positive articles. So, if have you had a good experience with your school or recruiter; had the time of your life in your selected country; have any titbits or information note worthy for this site, then please take the time to post them here and share your experience with the community.

Help other people to become better educated before they make ‘the biggest decision of their life’.

Big thank you to Forumosa for allowing us to post this on there forum.

Have you considered getting a native English speaker to proof-read your website information? You may garner more credibility thereby. :2cents:

And it’s not “ESL”, it’s “EFL”. :wink: :wink:

It looks OK to me, jp. I only gave it a quick glance, though. A few punctuation problems, but no non-Native English speaker type errors that I can see.

Just for reference and relevance, that is the term in Korea. The English language term is “cram school”, and in Taiwan and I am guessing China they are called “buxibans”.

Good luck with your site! :bow: