Revisions to labour law (re foriegn workers) 1/3/2008

For general information:

To promote direct employment of foreign labors, secure accommodation safety, and protect the interests of foreign labors the Council of Labor Affairs has revised some articles of Measures Governing the Approval and Management of Foreign Employees announced 1/3/2008, which came in effect 1/5/2008.

The stressed focus of the revisions include;

  1. To promote direct employment of foreign laborers, foreign laborers employed can be recruited by private employers. Those who do not commission private employment service centers and instead submit the papers through the Council of Labor Affairs will be granted a simplified process, which means that some of the paperwork of the foreigners can be omitted, such as specialty proof items like a certificate of good behavior, or Deposit of Foreign Labor Expense, and Salary and Deposit of Acknowledgement for Related Work Regulations verified by a national competent authority.
  2. Where the foreign laborers are engaged in manufacturing, construction, and institutional nursing businesses, the inspection should be enacted in accordance with the Foreign Labor Life Management Program, via notification to a local competent authority with the legal certificate to build a dormitory after immigration or 3 days after continuous employment begins.
  3. The employment of foreign postgraduate students, graduate schools, or 1-year language courses will not be confined to occupations of their major course.
  4. To secure the interests of the foreign labors, it is advised that employees should note the payment manner, the items, and the relevant sums of fees concerning national health insurance, labor insurance, income tax, accommodation, and any other payments the foreign laborers bear. In addition, with the exception of the preceding sums and items, the employers should pay wages, in full, in cash to the foreign labors. However, all other manners require relevant proof kept by the foreign labors, and the employers should keep a copy as well. In addition, where the employers do not pay the full amount, a competent authority can order the payment be made within a set period.
    For other question or inquiries, please visit the website of the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, Council of Labor Affairs ( or call our service line at 02-8590-2311 for details.

I think the CLA rocks.

Under their new regulations, perhaps the CLA could take on a competent native-English-speaking translator and/or editor.

[quote=“Juba”]Under their new regulations, perhaps the CLA could take on a competent native-English-speaking translator and/or editor.[/quote]That would go against “officialspeak”.