Revival of Black Gold Politics

Will Taiwan under the KMT see a revival of black gold politics?

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The revival of Black Gold Politics, correctly predicted by CSB in 2003 ( … k-gold.htm) seems to be rising. It does seem a little like the kettle calling the pot black, when the US recently declared that Taiwan’s political moral fibers are going down the tubes.

The KMT’s current party line is that its members can be KMT as long as they haven’t yet been found guilty. So, under that ruling, if CSB was a KMT member, he would still be able to run in the next election. Unluckily for him, he’s a former DPP, and it’s unlikely that the KMT would take kindly to him among their ranks.

I’m just wondering if this relaxation on black gold is going to persist. Can the KMT just keep muttering something about misunderstandings every time these issues arise, and the public will vote for them in 2010?