Rheumatoid arthritis or auto-immune specialist?

I’m doing a bit of doctor shopping and would be very grateful for any leads anyone can give me to a decent specialist (in Taipei/ Xinbei) in rheumatoid arthritis or auto-immune.


To be honest you might be better off just seeing a specialist in your home country. Even back home a good RA doctor is very hard to find, and in Taiwan even more so. My sister has RA and a few years ago I started displaying a lot of the symptoms so I saw an RA specialist here in Taiwan. I’m sorry I can’t recall his name, but he came very highly regarded as the premier specialist in the country. Essentially the visit with him amounted to a blood test which as you know isn’t very effective in diagnosis, and then he put my hand on the table and smashed it with his fist asking me if it hurt. I think I said something to the effect of, no more than it would hurt you if I smashed your hand on the table. He concluded I don’t have RA based on the smash test. I will ask around though. I have a Taiwanese friend who has RA, I’ll PM you any information I can dig up on his doctor.

Thanks. I’d really appreciate it.