Rhymes with orange

They say there aren’t any words that rhyme with “orange”. The closest to “orange” I have heard is “door hinge” and it isn’t that convincing. So I was thinking to myself, "Why don’t we invent words that rhyme with orange and make up definitions for them. Here’as mine:

forange: v,look for food in an orange grove
He gets up early to forange every day.

Door hinge is a semi-rhyme because the stress is differen. Like “lozenge”

porrange: week-old porridge which has developed an orangish mold growth (said to enhance flavor)

HOrange…a woman (or man) who trades sexual favours for oranges.

Porange - when they film the above and put it online.

Surely Range rhymes with Orange?

This subject is boringe!

And what about grunge? Is it maybe an accent thing? Who says there are no rhymes for Orange anyway? Can we have the research to back this up?

God! Man! Look at those two totally effeminate posts. They look like they were made a little man wearing pink fluffy mules and a too-tight cropped vest.

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This Wiki is inaccurate. Obviously Blorenge is from the Welsh language, not English. Are we allowed therefore to come up with French, or Chinese words to rhyme with Orange?

Telling, is it not, that Blorenge is close to the home of the gayest man in the village, too. More than mere coincidence, I’d say.

atgrynge - Plural of “atgry”, one name for the at symbol @

Oh BFM can you just do us a couple of lines of poetry using Orange and atgrynge please?

Nice word though!

There once was a man from Blorenge
Whose tan was decidely orange
He took lots of tips
Said they were cheap as chips
And his price labels were covered in atgrynge