Rice Cooker

Where can I buy a basic small rice cooker. I had one back at home for college but did not bring.

I don’t need anything fancy, just something to cook rice in. I tried looking on here but could not find anything.

I heard about the brand taitung.

Can I buy rice cookers at night markets? And how much do they range in.

I will only need a rice cooker for the summer. Thanks.

Carrefour or RT Mart. Locations for both countrywide.

Tatung also have their own 3C stores nationwide.

Store Locator:

This is the smallest and cheapest I’ve seen; it’s designed to be put in a microwave oven:

Other than that, ask around for a 2nd hand one, and check the moving sales on Taiwanted.com.

Uhm, you can’t have looked very hard, just about every single super market and 3C store sells them… :ohreally:

Zoijrushi: zojirushi.com/ourproducts/ri … okers.html

With timer, measures, any kind of gadget you can think of. Not the work horse, everything but teh kitchen sink of Taitung, but small, elegant and high tech.