''Rice Field'' around Taichung


Im Leo from Taichung.
With a group of friend we are looking to rent a rice-field around Taichung.
We dont want rise rice… just make a small place to meet, make bbq and ride a ‘‘dirt track’’ with bicycles (pump track if someody know)…
Is it possible to find that?
Where and how to find it?
There is no ‘‘yellow carton’’ to let us know we can rent it…
Any idea? any clue?

Thanks a lot


Which part of Taichung?

I’d suggest asking around for someone in a farmers’ association if he knows any friends with fields for rent. That’s currently the only way I know how to get them outside of looking on www.591.com.tw

In June/July our company is opening a fairly large cycling retail store in Dakeng, Taichung. In the coming months we’ll be working with the city government to establish a bike park of sorts in the Dakeng area nearby our store. The scale depends on what the city offers land wise, but will likely be a pump track, some light northshore stuff, and maybe a couple of downhill/freeride trails. Our purpose built store also has a coffee shop/restaurant with a rooftop garden and bar and we’ll be hosting regular bike and BBQ events, bike industry guest speakers and product release events from major cycle brands.

I’ll put up more complete details and information closer to opening.

Okami, whatever the part. We were riding in Dakeng before, after we have build in Dadu, now the gouv’ has just made it flat last week. anywhere is find for us. :slight_smile:

seams really nice. You did the previous trail in Dakeng?
did you came to DaudShan onn the jumps we did?

We must meet and speak about building trails :slight_smile: we love it and we are around 10people,with showel for sure hah!
Which comp’ do you work?


PS : the old trail in Dadu : http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1377894961948