Rice puff dude at Nanjing Sanming - anyone know his schedule?

Long shot, but does anyone know what days the rice puff guy who sets up here is around?

TIA for any leads…

yah gotta walk the neighborhoods and keenly try to hear a big BAM!!
like a spark plug loudly misfiring

those bags last like 2-4 weeks.
those street-sellers go from neighborhood to neighborhood

I live around the area and also don’t see any kind of schedule. Just appears when he wants to. That area is also a red zone, so it’s likely he’s there and then has to move.

Ok, thanks, come to think he is actually quite consistent at his other location I get him at.

Next time you catch him talk to him, they usually have a card or something.


those bags last like 2-4 weeks

Not when I’m around buddy :slight_smile:


One of those guys comes to our neighborhood. He’s always in the same spot, but he’s there like three times a month, and on extremely random days. Running into him is a matter of pure luck, which is probably for the best waistline-wise.

Up until now I’ve convinced myself it’s basically just eating air …

sonic boom is so loud it scares me . He hangs out at 光復北路 26巷 sunday afternoons. Taiwan popcorn cubes are so addicting . Once you start it takes serious discipline to stop.


Has someone got a photo of what this habit forming food is, i have a few items in my mind with fit this description.



Thanks, that is gonna help me out, not too far from Nanjingers either.

What’s in the magic sugar syrup does anyone know?

Well this perhaps should read he sometimes hangs out at 光復北路 26巷 sunday afternoons :slight_smile:

Just wanted to update in case anyone saw this dud tip and went there. You can indeed find bong bi pang on Sun afternoons at 民生東路 5段, here