Richart - The first almost/kinda/marginally/minuscularly foreigner friendly bank

I currently have some issue with the amount available vs. Account balance sums.

Since already 2 months they show a difference of about 30k twd.
I thought maybe some hotel or Airline on my trips reserved that some and ignored it at first.

Last week I called customer support and they say they have a look. Then another one called and said they try to figure it out and get back to me within 1-2 days.
Then after 3 days I get a text in cheese saying, that they are still working on it, this was last Friday…

Yes, but u still need to download the app the verify transactions.

So silly, and Tbh not much sense behind it besides the unwillingness of developers to change the code and allow A(P)RCs on the app…

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Guess not truly foreigner friendly
I’ll skip them untill I can use the app to do my banking stuff.

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I suppose I could do that, but the whole point of getting the Taishin account was to be able to transfer from my PC instead of filling in forms and waiting in lines every time.

They do have a transfer option on the foreign currency account, I’m just scared to try the direct option. Ah well, I will, and might let you guys know if it works ^^

Edit: Wanted to try just now, but their foreign currency exchange/transfer works only during business hours. For online banking. Makes sense :upside_down_face: