Rick Monday vs. Protesters

Kind of a nice story.

Monday’s act heroic after 30 years

“That means something, because this wasn’t just a flag on the field. This was a flag that people looked at with respect.”
– Rick Monday

That’s not the ICRT Rick Monday is it?


Act remembered as heroic after 30 years?

Come on, that’s just a bit much isn’t it? Some ball player trots across the stadium and snatches a flag from a couple of guys about to burn it.

I’m not knocking what he did, but the story seems slightly hyperbolic. Sure, if you’re a big flag worshipper that was a good deed and should be commended, but it hardly qualifies as heroic, especially 30 years later. For the flag waving types, heroic is shooting down enemy planes, fighting in hand to hand combat, or other such daring and dangerous deeds. Trotting across the astroturf to snatch a flag from a couple of hippies is less hazardous than diving to catch a line drive. Only a flag-waving sports writer, or a goofy ballplayer, would refer to it as heroic.

If only he had kicked their hairy hippie asses… :wink:

If only he had kicked their hairy hippie asses… :wink:[/quote]

Probably a couple of smelly deadheads. :wink:

I agree, heroic, may be a bit much. But I don’t think it’s wrong for someone to show their patriotism in a non-violent way. There was no violence, the protesters were probably charged with a crime. I guess, disrupting the baseball game, but not attempted flag burning. The war was over. I don’t know what they had to protest against.