Riding groups in Taiwan

I recently bought my friend’s Cygnus scooter. I’ve been riding all over the northern part of the island. I’m curious to see if there are any riding groups out there or anyone else who enjoys going out to the beach, mountains, or the city for a ride. I’d like to find some people to ride with sometime. Message me if you’re interested or have a group who rides that I could tag along with!

Yeah you won’t be finding any riding groups here on this forum board. It might be even more difficult to find a group because you are riding a Cygnus. I would say that most people that do mountain rides or countryside rides usually ride motorcycles. Not necessarily bike bikes though. Maybe you can meet a friend on here, but there aren’t too many riding groups that I have heard of.

If you get a chance you should ride Bei Yi (or the highway 9 up to the small town of Ping Ling.) If the weather is nice during the weekend, then wake up at the ass crack of dawn and ride from Taipei to Ping ling. There are tons of motorcycles from scooters, small cc racers, big bikes, Harley’s, you name it! You got guys that are just mousing along from guys that are racing dangerously. There are even usually a handful of amateur photographers taking pictures on a few of the famous curves. Once you get to Ping Ling, there is a biker cafe right across from the gas station that the riders stop for a rest, and a 7/11 right down from that where riders stop too. Every time I ride that stretch I end up meeting people. You won’t see too many foreigners, but every now and then I run into a few foreigners too. This might be a good way to meet some other riders though, or at least get out of town for a few hours.

Other than that I don’t know! You must have some friends here… convince them to buy a scoot just like yours too! Good luck!

Is the Cygnus a good thing or a bad thing on the wan ? In view of what above poster wrote “because you are riding a cygnus” :laughing: I get the feel he thinks Cygnus rhymes with sickness and anus ! :smiley:

p.s. to OP, get in touch with MORDETH 13. He can show you a few places. Maybe he will even allow you to ride with him on your Cygnus !

pps. Hey you are in luck apparently the 13 himself thinks Cygnus are cool per this thread:

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 75&t=51656

The Cygnus scooter is actually an awesome scooter, probably one of the best here in Taiwan. For riding in mountain roads and taking trips around it isn’t that great because of the speed and handling of it. I have been riding here in Taiwan for over 7 years and have actually ridden with guys on Cygnus scooters. Even going slow we end up waiting for the scooter guys. Most guys that ride here will have a scooter for a daily and a nice small cc or big bike for a weekend warrior.

Don’t get my wrong about the Cygnus! Great scooter, but not that great for riding with people, unless you can find a Cygnus riding group which I am sure is out there.

Thanks a lot. I’ll definitely try to check out number 9. I plan on going to PingLin tomorrow then loop around through number 7 back to Daxi. Oh and I’m pretty sure I’ve met you before at the race track last year. I don’t race, but I was with a friend. Thanks again!