Riding Skills : Catergorization Application and Development

Been thinking about this topic for a long time, but accidently pressed submit so its not quite yet ready. Firstly, here are some main categories of riding skills I could think of and their descriptions. Please let me know what you think of my organizational structure so far. Some categories may be too wide and need further development

Balance - Your ability to feel and judge the balance on the bike (front/back and side to side) and react in appropriate ways. One of the first challenges to overcome when first starting to ride, but usefull in many applications of refinement in the future.

Body positioning - What I’ve come to value as one of the most important skills which is often overlooked by veteran riders. Body positioning is perhaps the most important consideration for being able to perform quick cornering maneuvers.

Rider input processing - Being able to collect, organize, value and process the various input recieved while riding. Most notably the visual and physical stimulus. Your reactions in the correct order of importance, and how quickly they are performed are the result of this skill.

Basic control skills - Your ability to optimally control input to the bike. The throttle, brakes, steering, and gear shifting are all influenced firstly through rider input processing and then applied using these basic control skills correctly.

Judgement/control - This category is most closely related to your mental attitude while riding and the overlying judgments you make towards your riding application. Knowing when to perform certain actions at the appropriate times, and what to expect from them. Also being able to control your state of mind and correctly peform your rider input processing techniques using the best judgement possible.

Knowledge/experience - The past collection of knowledge and experience gained over time and/or study of all the above categories.

Comfort/confidence - The feeling of connection and closeness to your ride, and the ease of which you can apply all your skills.

What’s it for?