Riding with an intoxicated passenger

Is it legal to ride with an intoxicated person on the back of your scooter in Taiwan?

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Depends, which way are you both facing?


As long as the driver is not intoxicated then no problem. If the driver is intoxicated then both people can get fined.

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Interesting. I guess not according to the letter of the law which penalizes only drivers. But a scooter is not safe for the pillion or others on the road unlike a car. What would happen if the drunken passenger fell on the road and got hit by some other vehicle?

Can his family sue the driver for carrying a drunk passenger? Can the other vehicle driver sue the scooter driver for putting them into trouble unnecessarily?

Actually could the driver of the scooter be punished for something like criminal negligence ?

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Probably all probable.

In Taiwan there are services, apps, etc. where a driver will come and drive you home as an intoxicated person

TWDD app for example.

The title of this thread should probably be driving not riding.

It’s not that hard to fell off a car if you reach the right amount of beer in one day.

And how would that happen as a passenger ?

Same way as the driver.

I don’t see how an intoxicated passenger can fall off from a locked car. Care to elaborate ?

It happens all the time (no source) people think they reach their location so they exit the vehicle at speed.

You, as a driver, could use the child lock to lock the doors right ?

This might well be the greatest thread ever.

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Yes, guess I could turn on the child lock, but wouldn’t you as a passenger be worried I’m a serial killer or a rapist then jump out of the car?

They could be riding on the hood of the locked car.

I have a hunch this one might be better:

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