Right.. I'm here

I’m here (voluntarily thankfully) to work for two and a bit months, works put me up in a nice hotel near Taipei 101 and ive had a few days to slowly recover from jetlag.

What now ??

Ive heard of a few pubs and clubs by reading the forum, but they aint so great on your own (especially for a rocker like myself), the blokes I work with are here long term and they arent the clubbing types for the most part.

So do any of you lot get together at all for drinks and such ?

I’m here for a while and whilst I like my hotel I’d rather not spend the bulk of my nights in it…

In short if any of you dont mind a youngish bloke from Birmingham (UK) tagging along to learn the ropes for survival and entertainment give me a shout.

Oh does anyone have any suggestions for books to learn the basics of mandarin… preferably something with a cd or tape (oh where you get it from would be great too)

Check here
if you’re free tomorrow night.

I’ll let you buy me a beer. :wink:


This is sounding better and better…FOB’s are buying beer and I just got my Hawaiian shirt back from the cleaners…Can’t you just smell the fun???

Bu he can buy you one first though, as I’ll be there later. Did I hear Alien was wearing nothing but a Hawaiian shirt???