Right or wrong? Civil Affairs Bureau features 10 models representing the bureau


This just seems totally wrong to me.

  • Sexist portraying employees
  • Degrading to employees who were not considered pretty enough to represent the government office
  • Determining and presenting who the Taiwan government thinks is “lovely” or not lovely
  • No men represented
  • I doubt that “the entire bureau are very proud of the results”. What about the girls that weren’t chosen but wanted to be?


Maybe this was a harebrained attempt by the Civil Affairs Bureau to contribute to raising Taiwan’s low birth rate? Looks like 2018 is going to be the Year of the Horndog.


Forget about the stupid project, even for that piece of shit rag, the writing there is singularly unreadable.

How utterly embarrassing that someone out in the world might stumble across that.

The asshole project itself is just another lame middle-management-conceived excuse for bosses (and photogs) to rub up against actual living women for the only time this year


Personality is super important and it’s hard to judge from just one pic but I pick far right in first row and her lookalike 3rd from left as cutest in the pic

Several honorable mentions there too
None there are bad looking


Maybe they got the idea from Russians . .


I hereby nominate Tommy as the official Year of the Horndog goodwill ambassador.


Bet they make some pretty good borsch


small t pls :medal_sports:

Oh I’d need a week with each one to make a more rounded and in depth assessment of course


Careful…you’re heading into Trumpian Miss Universe territory!


Yeah, he out-skeeved you, that’s definitely an achievement :1st_place_medal:


Says the guy I caught red-pawed trying to steal milk from my udders.


Just trying to put food on the table, man


Well this thread sure to degraded quickly to horndog chatter.


It is bizarre to say the least. Just thinking about how the idea was hatched and then how others supported it? It reminds me of something I would read from the 60’s.


This kind of thing is still pretty par for the course in any Asian country.


How is it different from the Miss America Contest? Less bare skin maybe?
– Miss America 2018 “fitness competition”


Honestly, life is too short to be obsessed with political correctness.

I saw this photo shoot and thought ‘God bless the Republic of China and Taipei County’.

You get 10 female civil servants together in Canada and the net result weights 23 metric tons.


Honestly the fact that some “manager(s)” in Xinbei used public resources (including human resources) on this kind of nonsense does help to explain why their municipality continues in many spots to look like sh*t. You know, opportunity cost and the like.



Well, if the goal was to get people’s attention to the bureau and perhaps to attract people to use the bureau’s resources, then the campaign looks to have been a success.


Wow, I didn’t know Miss America was run by the government. Shouldn’t that be driving libertarians over the edge?