Right Wing in a Tizzy About Same-Sex Marriages at the Grammy Awards

For those of you who don’t know, during a performance of Macklemore gay marriage anthem, “Same Love”, Queen Latifah officiated the weddings for 33 same-sex couples. The American Right went completely ape-shit, as usual.

Fox News Reporter Todd Starnes responded with a series of tweets:

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer was a little more colorful:

The actor Kirk Cameron wrote on Facebook:

I’m sure tigerman will be around soon to tell us they were only concerned with the language of the vows.

Well, that was really “confrontational”. Personally, I feel rather more upset at moonies mass weddings, or every time I see one of those polycistic, eh, polygamist cults. And those are flying under a Christian moniker.

And some obligatory commentary on this by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian:

You could just post “Right Wing in a Tizzy About…” and make it a sticky.

(Though in all honesty I remember when being on theleft meant you were in a state of permanent outrage. After all, the term “politically correct” was coined by lefties to describe “leftier-than-thou” types.)

Latest target of Two-Minute hate is Costco. As the article points out , conservatives use to love them some Costco- until they discovered that they paid living wages, which is socialism.

alicublog.blogspot.tw/2014/02/ne … qus_thread

Note use of (gasp) ‘argula’ in headline. Oh noes! Next thing people will be playing pool, drinking OJ , eating Dijon mustard and doing all those other elitist things Real Americans don’t do (bowling, not basketball, which is a sport played by Those People)

RWBHs love themselves some outrage, but the gay marriage thing at the Grammys was incredibly cheesy and in bad taste.

I don’t know, it would make a pretty cool story.

“So, where’d you get married?”

“At the Grammies, by Queen Latifah, to thunderous applause, you?”

The homophobes have seen some spectacular legislative and judicial defeats recently, and this live wedding rubs their noses in it. But they richly deserve it, so I have no problem with it.

For me it kind of ruined the award, Macklemore even admitted the next day on Hot 97 (the most important Hip Hop radio station on the planet) that he didn’t deserve it and Kendrick Lamar should have won, but (cue Freddie Mercury) the show must go on!

Long term for his career, he will likely suffer after being celebrated for who he is rather than his art.

I don’t mind when individuals get political at these events, that is rock and roll at its core, but when the entire production is pushing politics, it stinks of fine cheese, regardless of your views on the issue (and I am pro gay marriage).

I like individuals pushing agendas, not seemingly unbiased institutions.

Political statements at award shows are nothing new. In fact, in a way they’re a long-standing tradition.

A cheesy, in-bad-taste awards ceremony? Imagine that :slight_smile: