Rights For Contract Breakers

Are there any rights for teachers who want to break their contracts? On the surface my school has done everything by the book. Legal work, paid on time, small class sizes (because they are going under). I have ended up hating the school for reasons such as deducting three times my pay for being fifteen minutes late i.e. my shift was for 2.5 hours , so 7.5 was deducted. I was guilt “there is no one to replace you and the parents won’t like it”. Over the past 10 months I have worked for them, they have managed to piss off all four of their small staff. One teacher simply had enough and took off. These people ignore any bump in the road and pretend everything is happy and wonderful. Two teachers, including myself have said to them, we want to leave the end of June, even though our contract expires the end of August. They said fine, but we will take a months salary. So I find myself working in June knowing full well I will not be paid and hating every minute of a job I have come to hate a long time ago-not because of the teaching, but because of the management. They had the teacher that left blacklisted right away. All I want to do is screw them, but want to return in September to the same area, and do not want to screw myself in the process. I gave plenty of notice and want to leave as soon as possible. Where are the rights of the employees in all of this? My employers suck-I was told that when I got here and have experienced it first hand. I will likely work for free, just so I won’t get blacklisted. Beyond that, is there anything that can be done with people under contract? All the government agencies I have talked o are on the employers side - is this the only answer? I hate the though of handing over 58,000 Nt to them, when they do not deserve it!!!

Your time at this school is almost up, so why not just stick it out for the last two months? As to the massive deduction for being late, this seems a bit extreme. Does your contract say that they can deduct that much? If not, you should seek advice about that. What else have they done that you find so objectionable? If your employer subjects you to conditions that are intolerable, then that is tantamount to sacking you, which entitles you to certain rights, such as severance pay.

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