Rights of Transgender children

That’s not funny. It’s child abuse.

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Yeah, denying it is child abuse.


I disagree!

Then please start a debate thread kind sir and I’ll tell you why you are wrong to mock transgender adolescents.

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You realize that this quote is false?


For one thing 8 year olds are not adolescents
And kids that kind of age are far too impressionable to make that sort of decision themselves
and I could say other opinions but I’ll leave it for that for now


Open a topic I said. Not here. This isn’t a debate thread.

And then I’ll tell you why you’re wrong, especially mocking young transgender children.

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I mocked no one

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We’re in funny political pictures, is the image in question supposed to be a punchline?

Where’s the funny?

Is the funny at the transgender part?
Opening up rights to personal agency to the child?
Joe Biden (allegedly) said something?

You post a picture here and I’m going to assume you find something either to laugh with or laugh at.

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You’re right he didn’t say exactly that

The humour is in the potential president finding that the appropriate thing to say
Given we’re talking about “transitioning” children of that age, that’ss a terrible fucking idea

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When should a person start transitioning?

To be honest probably never, since it’s not actually possible to genuinely do so - and I think a lot of people probably attempt to do it thinking the results will be better than they actually are. If a person really wants to they can do it but certainly not such a young age. What age exactly I couldn’t say.
And my feeling about this issue is - although i’m willing to be proven wrong here - is that it’s a mental illness, and ought to be treated as such, rather than being encouraged.

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Pictures please!

I think as adults at 18. This is too big of a decision for an 8 year old to comprehend. I didn’t know shit at 8, let alone a real sense of my gender identity or sexuality. There’s not a huge difference in boys and girls until puberty happens.



Why stop with transitioning kids. do you also think kids should be allowed to decide for themselves to get plastic surgery? would you have a problem with an 8 year getting a pair of fake boobs? what you are saying is ridiculous.
Something like taking hormones or getting surgery to irreversibly change your body should not be okay until of adult age.
Letting them express themselves and dress up, sure, that’s a different matter.


Yeah. Just let them be.


Are you OK with this sort of thing: